Inner Visions was one of the first surf brands from West Cornwall, with two legendary shops set up in the early 1970s in St Ives and Penzance. These hangouts were instrumental in the development of a local surfing community and culture. Inner Visions promoted local designers and shapers, and also imported the latest boards and clothing from Australia & USA. 

Inner Visions returned in 2018 with a simple idea for a surfing community project, that had West Cornwall at its heart, and with recognition of the culture that Inner Visions help to create.

Today we make custom surfboards with an environmentally friendly sustainable manufacturing base. Our UK shaped boards are crafted by Chris Diplock and Paul Fluin who between them have shaped and finished tens of thousands of surfboards. We are also importing boards from some of the most influential shapers of the modern surfing era. Sap resins, Carbon Kevlar and Recycled Blanks all feature in our current designs.

Longboards and Mid-Lengths are designed and ridden by Sam Bleakley.

Shortboards, Fishes and Hybrids are all designed & tested locally.

We import Maurice Cole Surfboards from his shaping bay in Europe.

In 2019, Inner Visions produced the Brilliant Corners Series, designed and directed by Sam Bleakley. This project is now available to view on the WSL website.

Get in touch if you: Want a Custom Surfboard, a Maurice Cole surfboard, a T shirt or a Hoodie.

Or if you have an idea for a film or a social investment project.

Who know's where it will end up?


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