Inner Visions was one of the first surf brands from West Cornwall, with two legendary shops set up in the early 1970s in St Ives and Penzance. These hangouts were instrumental in the development of a local surfing community and culture. Inner Visions promoted local designers and shapers, and also imported the latest boards and clothing from Australia & USA. West Cornwall was a hotbed for locally shaped boards and international imports. 

During the 2000s, Cornwall like everywhere else, was flooded with imported surfboards. In many countries, local surf shops have adapted to this by selling factory imports, but also fostering shaping talents and promoting local craftsmen. That has enabled a significant part of our surfing culture to be kept alive.


Inner Visions returned to West Cornwall in 2018 with the seed of an idea that home grown shapes, and world renowned custom imports could still be ridden in the UK. And we wanted a small role in trying to promote that in West Cornwall. Because if that goes away, the only thing standing in front of you and a new surfboard is a salesman, a consignment model from Thailand and an interest free credit facility.

Today we make Inner Visions custom surfboards in Cornwall crafted by Chris Diplock and Paul Fluin who between them have shaped and finished tens of thousands of surfboards. We are also importing boards from Maurice Cole in France. 

In the surfing world, Maurice Cole is a legendary surfboard shaper from Australia. With his positive view on life, he has worked for decades to gain his place among some of the best shapers in the world. In fact, he doesn’t just shape great boards for surfers – he shapes incredible boards for some of the top surfers in the world. Just a few of the world’s top surfers that have sought out boards from Cole include Taj Burrow, Machado, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater and Mark Occhilupo. In the surfboard industry, Maurice Cole’s integrity, collaboration and innovation have made him a shaper that stands head and shoulders above many of the other surfboard shapers in the business.

Why can't we enjoy those beautiful designs too.

In 2019, we teamed up with our friend Sam Bleakley to produce the 3rd series of Brilliant Corners, which we subsequently passed on to the WSL for a global audience to enjoy. You can watch these films here:

Sam has also been instrumental in designing and testing our Inner Visions Surfboards. 

Get in touch if you: Want a Custom Surfboard, a Maurice Cole surfboard, a T shirt or a Hoodie. 

Or if you have an idea for a film or a social investment project.

Who know's where it will end up?

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