If you are in the market for a new board, it would be cool to consider ordering a custom surfboard from a local shaper whether that is us or established SW based shapers like Gulfstream or young shapers like Bluff Longboards in Sennen. In doing so, you are supporting the heart of the surf industry and the craftsmen who build them. These men and women are the backbone of our industry. For how big the industry is, the fact that you can still order a one-off board made specifically for you and your needs is a wonderful thing that everyone should take advantage of.


If you don't want to go local, we can offer you boards from the Zen Master Shaper. Maurice Cole Customs from France are special surfboards, and our site provides you with some more details on the types of boards Maurice offers.

The truth is, when you order a board with us or our mates, there is extra attention and consideration given by the shaper. Tweaking dimensions to suit your needs gives shapers a mental break from the often mundane off-the-rack production and puts them where they truly love to be: creating a specific board for a specific person. That’s the art of it.

It’s also nice to see your retail money going back into the domestic economy, specifically into your local economy. Above all, supporting a local shaper with a custom order you’re getting a board that will work better and mean more to you. And if you haven’t built a relationship with a shaper yet, now may be the time to do so.

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If you need the best quality custom wetsuit, look no further than http://www.snuggwetsuits.co.uk/

Check out Bert Wright's venture Blood & Bone Distribution https://www.facebook.com/bloodandbonessurf/  for the provision of Fu Wax, Cool T shirts, and Zombie Tread. 

And if you need a board repaired contact Paul Bouffler on 07917222518


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